Get Familiar With New PACE System by NDIS For Providers & Participants

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As Service providers, are you aware of the change that NDIS brought recently with the new PACE system? What exactly it is and what you should know as well as must inform the participants you are serving. Even for participants, it is necessary to be aware of the system. Let us understand the PACE System by NDIS introduced as the replacement of the previous system. Also, knowing how it will affect the respective providers and participants.

What is the PACE System by NDIS? 

The NDIA wants NDIS providers to know about their new computer system, PACE, and the new NDIS provider portal. These systems are set to eventually replace the current system and the “myplace portal” that you are aware of. 

The NDIA aims to ensure all NDIS providers are prepared to use these new systems. Since 14 November 2022, these systems have been undergoing testing. 

Benefits through PACE System by NDIS

PACE and the new portal are designed to be: 

  • User-friendly, 
  • Making it easier for NDIA staff, partners, and providers to perform their tasks efficiently, 
  • Allowing more time to deliver quality experiences to participants.

What about participants, how will things change? 

If you are a participant, even then this change is important to be aware of. You must be thinking and wondering if your plan changes anything. Keep reading to know! 

How it Looks

Current plans will remain unchanged in their format. If your plan has rolled over before February 2024, it will also stay the same. New plans issued after this date will use the new PACE format, which includes the same type of information but is much easier to read.

Categories of Funding

With PACE in place, NDIA plans to offer more flexibility for participants. Funding in NDIS plans will be built at the support category level, with no line items. 

Service Bookings

PACE NDIS plans will not have service bookings. How does this help? It will help provide participants with more choice and control. It is because their funding is not pre-allocated to future support. This allows for easier changes if you decide to adjust your plans.

Support Types

Yes, a major aspect is that PACE is moving from three to four support types. The support types now include:

  • Core
  • Capacity Building
  • Capital
  • Recurring

What is there for Service Providers with the PACE System by NDIS?

As an NDIS provider, it’s important to stay updated on how PACE will operate and regularly check the NDIS website for answers to your questions. Based on the current information about PACE, NDIS businesses can expect several new things when it is implemented nationwide:

Increasing the Efficiency

PACE’s automation and integration will significantly reduce manual tasks and paperwork, freeing up valuable time for service providers to focus on delivering exceptional care to participants.

Enabling better Transparency

PACE promotes greater transparency in interactions, ensuring that both participants and providers have access to up-to-date information, fostering trust and open communication.

Making the Processes smooth

The process is smoother with: 

  • Real-time information sharing and centralised portals, 
  • Invoicing and making claims will become more streamlined, 
  • Minimising delays and simplifying financial management.

Enhanced Participant Engagement

PACE will empower participants to have more control over their plans and services, enabling them to make informed choices and actively engage in their NDIS journey.

Adapt in a better way

PACE’s agility allows providers to quickly adapt to changes, whether modifying services, adjusting plans, or responding promptly to participants’ needs.


In conclusion, the introduction of PACE represents a significant advancement for NDIS providers and participants. Promising increased efficiency, transparency, and streamlined processes. With its automation and integration, PACE will help with the burden of manual tasks and paperwork, allowing providers to dedicate more time to delivering quality care to participants. 

Moreover, PACE promotes greater transparency and empowers participants to actively engage in their NDIS journey by providing access to up-to-date information.

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