NDIS Support Coordination Providers in Melbourne, Australia

The independence to make a choice and control how you live is critical to the success of your program. GenCare offers support coordination where we work with you on defining your priorities and sourcing information to help you make the right decisions. Our support coordination service covers scheduling, planning, and budgeting support so your services work optimally to achieve your goals.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Connecting with the right support
  • Coordination of service delivery
  • Accommodation and tenancy obligation assistance
  • Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development
  • Decision making, daily planning, budgeting assistance

What are the levels of Support Coordinatior in Melbourne, Australia?

Support Coordination has three levels that can be covered by your plan.

Support Connection

This level provides support to help you connect with providers of informal and community supports as well as funded supports.

Support Coordination

In this level, the support you receive helps you to understand and put your plan in action. A support coordinator works with you closely to curate the supports you need to build capacity, find connections, engage with the community and live independently.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist support coordination is for people with needs that require a higher level of coordination. Specialist Support Coordinator helps you navigate the challenges of managing an array of complex supports and their reliable delivery.

There is a range of support you can look forward to when receiving Support Coordination in Melbourne, Australia.
Your Support Coordinator will help you

  • Understand your plan
  • Connect you to providers for various supports funded by your plan
  • Negotiate with service providers about the cost and service delivery of supports
  • Implement and coordinate supports so you can make the most of your plan
  • Ensure the terms in your service agreements are followed
  • Equip you with the capacity to live independently and get involved in your local community
  • Prepare for your plan review in an organised and effective manner

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