Winning Over, With Home Care Support for Quadriplegia

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    Compassionate Care For Participants At All Times

    Living with paralysis is a journey that requires immense courage, resilience, and an unwavering spirit. This path can be a challenging one, and it’s not always easy.

    Keeping this thought in mind, Gencare provides Home Care Support for Paraplegia and Quadriplegia for our participants suffering from the conditions in their NDIS plans.

    Win over the condition with Gencare as your Support Coordinator:

    Receive assistance with mobility

    Receive support with nutrition and feeding

    Have medication administered as needed

    Get assistance with bowel and bladder function

    Receive support with communication through devices or other means

    In-home care

    Adult day centres

    Assisted living facilities

    Residential centres with overnight stays

    Understanding Quadriplegia In A Better Way!

    Quadriplegia is a type of paralysis that affects all four limbs, as well as the torso and neck, while Paraplegia is a type of paralysis that affects the lower half of the body, including the legs and sometimes the lower torso. This makes the need and requirement of Home Care Support for Paraplegia and Home Care Support for Quadriplegia very important. 

    We at Gencare assist participants with the services that help them achieve their goals defeating their conditions:

    Receive emotional support for yourself and your loved ones

    Coordinate with occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy services

    Receive personal care support as required

    Access 24/7 support if needed.

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    Nurturing Home Care Support For Quadriplegia

    Amidst the challenges of the condition, there is a beautiful human spirit that shines through our participants and we at Gencare respect, nurture, and empower that. Our services offer a comprehensive range of support to help individuals with their daily needs. Our team is dedicated to assisting with mobility, ensuring that our clients can move around comfortably and safely. Along with this, our highly trained professionals help:

    Manage muscle spasms effectively

    Prevent and treat pressure sores

    Assist with breathing and eating difficulties

    Provide effective pain management

    Address urinary infections and related issues

    Dedicated Quality Care With Home Support for Quadriplegia

    No matter what your quadriplegia symptoms may be, our home care support is here to help. Whether you’re dealing with the symptoms or other effects of your condition, we’re committed to providing the assistance you need. Additionally, we collaborate with other various other deliverables care for betterment of our participants . With us you get:

    Compassionate professionals who understand your unique needs

    Tailored care plans that accommodate your specific requirements

    A support system that helps you take charge of your life

    Support workers who are both empowering and supportive

    A dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide the care and assistance you need.

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