NDIS Support Service For Participants in Dandenong

Being a registered NDIS Support Provider situated in Dandenong, Gencare is committed to fostering equality among individuals with disabilities, ensuring that they enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else to lead rich and purposeful lives.

We provide comprehensive support and services to our participants, encompassing a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from daily tasks to active engagement in the community and social activities, all in the pursuit of inclusiveness. Our dedication extends beyond mere support coordination in Dandenong; Gencare plays an active role in nurturing inclusive communities by empowering individuals with disabilities to become active and involved members of society, with us serving as their trusted NDIS service providers in Dandenong.


Why wait any longer? Take charge of your life by selecting us as your preferred disability support provider in Dandenong.

As your trusted NDIS provider in Dandenong, you can turn to us for a variety of services, including:

Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Dandenong

Support Coordination in Dandenong

Social & Community Participation in Dandenong

Household Tasks in Dandenong

Medium-term Accommodation in Dandenong

Household Tasks in Dandenong

Respite Care in Dandenong

Nursing Care in Dandenong

NDIS Services in Sunbury

Our Mission as NDIS Disability Service Provider

In our capacity as NDIS Support Providers, our mission is to collaborate closely with participants to craft personalised support plans and deliver an array of services aimed at helping them reach their aspirations. From facilitating community engagement and personal care to managing transportation and offering therapeutic support, our primary objective is to empower individuals with disabilities, fostering their independence and enabling them to lead meaningful lives.

By selecting us as your service providers, you can trust in a secure and reliable journey towards achieving your NDIS program objectives. We firmly believe that the right kind of support has the capacity to empower participants and nurture their lives in a manner that is not only positive but also deeply inclusive.

Our participant-centric approach spans across the breadth of Australia. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that our services are fully attuned to the unique needs of our participants. We are dedicated to building a continuum of care firmly grounded in principles of unity, integrity, and inclusivity.

We are dedicated to enriching the participant’s journey by adding intrinsic value through our services. We uphold the belief and work towards realising the participant’s vision of living the life they aspire to.


Inclusive Quality Care With Support Coordination In Dandenong

At Gencare, our unwavering commitment is to empower individuals with NDIS plans to lead fulfilling lives in accordance with their unique needs. We achieve this by:

Cultivating robust and supportive relationships with our participants, fostering trust and ensuring the effectiveness of the support provided. This dedication extends to offering NDIS nursing services in Dandenong.

As a registered NDIS Service provider, Gencare significantly enhances the lives of our participants through comprehensive assistance with daily activities, facilitating community access, ensuring safe and accessible housing, providing assistive technology, and offering therapeutic support.

Our compassionate team is extensively trained to deliver the high-quality care that every participant deserves. We take great care to ensure that all the support we provide contributes to the personal growth of each individual.

Participants embark on a journey of enrichment and empowerment when they choose Gencare as their trusted disability support services provider in Dandenong.

Mindful Support With Disability Service in Dandenong


GenCare with its wide areas of services such as support coordination in Dandenong, household tasks in Dandenong community/social participation in Dandenong, respite care in Dandenong, short-term accommodation (STA) in Dandenong, medium-term accommodation ( MTA) in Dandenong, supported independent living (SIL) in Dandenong, is one of the finest disability providers in and around the suburbs.

Making A Difference As NDIS Service Provider

As one of the premier NDIS-registered disability service providers in Dandenong, Gencare is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive support to our participants. We achieve this through:

Fostering active and engaged community participation, enabling our participants to partake in social, recreational, and cultural activities, ensuring they become integral members of their communities.

Meticulously managing every aspect of your plan, from budgeting to bill management. This means that every element, from goals to objectives, is tailored to align seamlessly with your unique requirements and NDIS plans.

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