NDIS Mental Health Service Providers in Melbourne

Living with mental health condition can feel like a battle on its own. And yet, managing it daily can mean a smoother road to recovery and a life not hampered by the condition. At GenCare, we provide specialised and professional care you need to feel like yourself and reclaim your quality of life. Our psychologists and mental health care providers in Melbourne work with you one on one to achieve the mental and emotional well-being you need to be the best you.

What is covered under NDIS Mental Health access?

Not all mental health conditions lead to a disability. Here’s how NDIS
describes severe and long-term disability.

Mental Health Condition

This refers to a temporary or lifelong condition whose symptoms are caused by genetics or life events. It covers everything from anxiety, personality disorders, psychotic or compulsive disorders and mood swings.

Psychosocial Disability

This is a disability caused by a mental health condition. It can lead to difficulties doing day to day activities like working or shopping. Not everyone with a mental health condition may have a disability, however those who do, it can be severe and drastically hamper life and recovery.


An impairment results from a mental health condition and leads to a person losing or damaging their primary mental function including the ability to think, feel and understand.

What services does GenCare provide for Mental Health in Melbourne?

There is a range of support we offer to help you on your journey to live a better,
more fulfilling life. We offer the following:

  • Professional mental health carers for compassionate one-on-one support.
  • Tailored emotional and mental support that encourages, enhances and enriches your life.
  • Dedicated care to help make your recovery and reclaiming of functions, smooth and steady
  • Tools and services to better manage and support your everyday experiences

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