Navigating the NDIS Plan Review Process: A Comprehensive Guide

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Central to the NDIS experience is the plan review process, which ensures that participants’ support arrangements remain relevant, effective, and reflective of their evolving circumstances. Understanding the intricacies of the plan review process is essential for participants and their families to maximize the benefits of the scheme. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the key aspects of navigating the NDIS plan review process

NDIS Plan Review Process, An Important aspect of the plan

Before delving into the plan review process, it is crucial to understand the NDIS plan itself. The NDIS plan outlines the supports and services participants are entitled to receive over a specified period. It includes funding allocations, goals, and details of the supports and services approved by the NDIS. So, let us see how each of these pointers can be accommodated in a review system of the plan: 

Initiating the Plan Review

The NDIS plan review process typically begins several weeks before the participant’s current plan expires. Participants will receive a notification from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), prompting them to commence the review process. It is essential to respond promptly to these notifications to ensure continuity of support.

Preparing for the Review Meeting

Preparation is key to a successful plan review. Participants should take the time to reflect on their current goals, achievements, challenges, and changing support needs. Consideration should also be given to any new goals or aspirations that have emerged since the previous plan was developed. Participants may wish to seek input from family members, carers, or support providers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their support requirements.

Engaging with Support Providers

Support providers play a crucial role in the plan review process. They can offer valuable insights into the participant’s progress, areas of improvement, and evolving support needs. Participants should engage proactively with their support providers, discussing their experiences and seeking guidance on how best to articulate their support requirements during the review meeting.

Attending the Review Meeting

The plan review meeting provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their support needs and goals with their NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC). Participants should approach the meeting with clarity regarding their objectives and a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. It is essential to advocate for the supports and services that align with their individual needs and aspirations.

Articulating Changing Support Needs

During the review meeting, participants should articulate any changes in their support needs since the previous plan was developed. This may include changes in health status, living arrangements, employment or education goals, or modifications to personal circumstances. Participants should provide specific examples and evidence to support their requests for additional support or modifications to existing arrangements.

Reviewing Funding Allocations

The plan review process also entails a reassessment of funding allocations to ensure they adequately address the participant’s support requirements. Participants should review their funding allocations carefully, considering whether they align with their identified goals and support needs. If discrepancies or inconsistencies are identified, participants should raise these concerns during the review meeting for further discussion and clarification.

Documenting the Outcome

Following the review meeting, participants will receive a revised NDIS plan outlining any changes to their supports, funding allocations, and goals.

 It is essential to review the revised plan thoroughly to ensure that it accurately reflects the discussions and agreements reached during the review process. Participants should seek clarification on any aspects of the plan that are unclear or require further explanation.

Monitoring Progress and Revising Goals

The plan review process is not a one-time event but rather a cyclical process of reflection, evaluation, and adjustment. 

Participants should actively monitor their progress towards achieving their goals and be prepared to revise them as circumstances change. Regular communication with support providers and periodic reviews of the NDIS plan can help ensure that participants remain on track and receive the necessary supports to achieve their aspirations.


NDIS plan review process requires proactive engagement, preparation, and advocacy. By understanding the key components of the review process and actively participating in discussions with NDIS planners or LACs, participants can ensure that their support arrangements remain responsive to their evolving needs and aspirations. The plan review process serves as a mechanism for empowering participants to exercise choice and control over their supports, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and fostering greater independence and inclusion within their communities.

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