Is Choosing Long Term Accommodation in Ballarat a Good Option?

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If you are wondering if “home away from home” is practically possible for NDIS participants or not, let us tell you something. It ABSOLUTELY IS! Are you living in or around Ballarat for any chance? Yes? This write-up might be even more helpful to you. Long-term accommodation in Ballarat can be a refreshing break for you as participants and even to the caregivers. How? We will tell you the same. At Gencare, we ensure that our participants are made aware and informed by every aspect of the NDIS plan that can help them achieve their goals better. 

Choose Long-term Accommodation in Ballarat With Gencare

Confused about what this long-term accommodation is talking about? Keeping it as simple as possible, it is a housing arrangement for the NDIS participants. If you are a participant around Ballarat then, it is about finding a place to live around it for a long time. So why and how will this benefit you? Well, here are the reasons: 

Access to NDIS Services 

Give yourself and your carers a break by choosing long-term accommodation in Ballarat. What benefit does it have? One of the major ones is that it puts you closer to NDIS services and support. You can get the easiest ways to hire NDIS service providers, including disability support workers, therapists, and community organisations. How easy is that you see? By living in the area, you can easily get these services whenever you need them. This is overall help in making it easier to manage your disability and get the support you need to live independently.

Community Inclusion

We underestimate the power of community at times. At Gencare, we believe that people around us empower us as well. This can be another great aspect of long-term accommodation in Ballarat. It allows and helps you to become part of the local community. By living in the area long-term, you can build connections with others. How about making new friends? You can feel a sense of belonging in your community.

Affordable Housing Options

Budget is very important, and it should be kept in mind when going for long-term accommodation. The area has affordable housing options, making it an attractive choice for NDIS participants on a budget. If you’re looking to rent or buy, you’ll find a range of housing options to suit your needs and preferences. Be it in the city centre or houses in the suburbs, there’s something for everyone in Ballarat.

Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities

Connecting with nature can brighten your mood and also help you calm yourself better. The NDIS journey is a little overwhelming and can cause you to panic. Choosing long-term accommodation in Ballarat gives you easy access to these outdoor spaces. This way it will allow you to enjoy nature and stay active. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in Ballarat.

Quality of Life

Spending some time at a place away from the regular can refresh, the mind, soul, and body. Overall, choosing long-term accommodation in Ballarat can improve your quality of life as an NDIS participant. Enjoy the city and, the shopping centres and healthcare facilities to parks, and recreational activities. 

Role of NDIS Service Providers

Additionally, NDIS Service Providers in Ballarat like Gencare can play a vital role in assisting NDIS participants in finding suitable long-term accommodation in Ballarat. They can provide support and guidance throughout the process, helping participants navigate the housing market, understand their options, and access any necessary support services. 

With their expertise and resources, NDIS Service Providers like Gencare can make the transition to long-term accommodation in Ballarat smoother and more manageable for participants, ensuring they find a home that meets their needs and preferences.


So, there you have it, five reasons why choosing long-term accommodation in Ballarat is a good option for NDIS participants, along with the valuable assistance that NDIS Service Providers like Gencare can offer in the process. Suppose you’re considering long-term accommodation in Ballarat. In that case, it’s worth exploring your options and seeking support from a trusted NDIS Service Provider like us to help you along the way!

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