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You just enrolled in the NDIS plan and you have received your funding. Now what to do with it? This can be a little tricky for most of our participants. It is because the NDIS funding for participants is limited and if you do not really give it a good thought, you can miss the advantages. So, how do you know exactly what NDIS funding is for and what not? Read this blog and you will by the end be aware of important aspects of the funding. 

NDIS Funding For Participants: What is & What is Not Paid! 

In the easiest way if it is to be explained then, NDIS funding helps you do a lot. It will help you be your own boss, learn cool things, get a job or volunteer, and reach your dreams with paid support.It also assists you to get local services you need, like doctors, clubs, classes, and libraries, while giving you info about help from your state or area.

What does NDIS Funding Aim for?

The NDIS aims to:

  • Help participants be more independent and join in more.
  • Provide important help when you need it.
  • Let you decide what help you get and how it’s paid for.
  • Keep helping the same across the country.
  • Encourage new and good-quality help.
  • The NDIS is like insurance. It figures out what help you need and pays for it.

If you’re able to get NDIS money, you might be wondering what it pays for and what it doesn’t. First, to get NDIS money, you have to meet some rules, like being between 9 and 65, being an Aussie, and having a long-lasting disability that needs extra help.

Once you’re in, you talk with NDIA about your goals. Your goals are what you wanna do with your life. They help plan your NDIS support.

Getting NDIS Funding for Participants

The NDIS can pay for lots of things to help you reach your goals, like learning stuff, working, joining in, being more independent, and being healthier.

But to get paid, the help must:

  • Be about your disability.
  • Not be things you’d buy anyway.
  • Be worth the money.
  • Be the same good stuff others get for similar needs.

The NDIS also looks at the help you get from your community and other places, like health or school. The idea is to:

  • Help you reach your goals.
  • Make you more independent.
  • Get you out and about.
  • Help you make friends and be more social.

Some things the NDIS can pay for are:

  • Medical equipment to help you do things (assistive tech).
  • Daily skills like driving and exercising 
  • Regular stuff like health check-ups or school help.
  • Things you use every day because of your disability (consumables).
  • Special help for little kids.
  • Help with where you live.

You can even use NDIS money if you’re going on holiday! Just for up to six weeks, though. If you wanna use your money abroad, you might want to manage it yourself or get a manager to help.

Things the NDIS won’t pay for, like:

  • Anything risky.
  • Aspects that’s not about your disability.
  • Help you already get from somewhere else.
  • Everyday costs like rent or groceries.
  • Money if you can’t work.

Hiring An NDIS Service Provider

If you’re not sure about handling your NDIS money all by yourself, you can ask an NDIS Service Provider to lend a hand. Service providers are those who know all about the NDIS and can help manage your funds for you. They’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals, then make sure your money is used in the best possible way to support you. Plus, they’ll take care of all the paperwork and admin related work, so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

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